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hi ur cool and I'm a loser and not worthy to talk to u lmao


you, my dear, are most definitely worthy. ^-^


I love you

Anonymous asked:

Hello there! I saw the Headdress post and I know this sounds incredibly stupid but I'm pretty happy to find another indigenous person on this website. and your blog Is pretty kick ass. ^^;

Well thank you v much!!! I try uwu

I don’t actually know any Native Americans on here, asides from my sister, so hello!! :)

her blog is theundiscoveredcontinent which is a cool blog okay. different from mine, but still cool.

war1o asked:

So anyway with your permission, I may show my class of ignorant fuckwads a screenshot of your response to the doll kill email. I think people need to see representation of Native American culture in popular media because it would really help them understand that it's an entire culture filled with individuals who have real feelings, even if we don't see them every day of our lives in our mostly white over privileged school.

okay I have my answer on this one.

Wow, your class is something. /-_-\

I would definitely be okay with that being shown to them. Reality check time.

As far as media representation goes- I have no problem with Native American mascots, as long as they show respect to my fucking people.

Chicago Black Hawks??

hell yeah, accurate and cool and shit.

Cleveland Indians??

the fuck? BRUHHH

noooo bruh


Go in peace my child, and redeem the heretics.

war1o asked:

So in school lately we've been discussing our mascot, which is the "raider" with a picture of a Native American. In one of my classes, my teacher was asking us if we even cared about it and there was a really painful almost unanimous response of "no we don't care I don't know any native Americans". Hearing this made me absolutely sick. Is the tradition of football seriously MORE IMPORTANT than the treatment of a minority culture which white people have done nothing but oppressed? (Cont.)


lanadelremy asked:

Can you explain bisexual homoromaniticism to me. I want to know more and understand it (I'm trying to figure out my sexual identity and it may help, thanks love)

As a bisexual I am sexually/physically attracted to both males and females, and can also (in my case, and many others) apply to trans males and females as well. this, in a nutshell, means: I see a guy??? hot. I see a girl??? also hot.

As a homoromantic, I am romantically/lovey-dovey-ly attracted to only those of the same sex.  This basically means I would only want, and could only consider, being in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

Hope I could help, good luck :) 

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So I saw your post about the significance of Native American headdresses, and that was very informative and I agree, but there was one question nagging in the back of my mind. You said that an ancestor of yours, a great great lots of greats grandfather I think, had one that reached all the way to the floor. And that he was a total badass. It seemed to me that he was the sort of person who'd have hella cool amazing stories told about him, so I was wondering if you were okay sharing any of them 

here’s his Wiki page, he was really cool. He, though called War Eagle, and being a great warrior, frequently promoted peace with the whites and worked as a diplomat.

here’s something cool though.

Two of his daughters married Theophile Bruguier,a French trapper. One of his daughters, Kailewin (or “blazing cloud” which translates directly as “blaze”) is my great-something-grandmother, directly, and in fact my second middle name is Kailewin. :DDDDDD

no problem at all, friend, i’ll answer any question.

eques-ex-inferno asked:

Hi im really sorry to bother you but im trying to learn about cultural appropriation! As for my end of year at school we have a dress up day and my friend and i thought i would be fun to go as tiger lily and peter pan (tiger lily is nativa american in neverland) and i was wondering if it was okay to go as her or not? honestly i dont want to offend anyone in any way or disrespect anyones culture im so so sorry to bother you

1st things 1st- no one is ever a bother to me. ^-^

Tiger Lily is, like, my homegirl. Tiger Lily is my queen. The rest  of the Native Americans in Peter Pan are completely racist- it’s the 50’s, it’s white people, what do you expect- but Tiger Lily is completely epic and amazing and gorgeous.

I, for one, think it would be fine for you to wear her costume- as long as you treat it respectfully, and never EVER do any form of blackface- you have my blessing, child.

You shouldn’t offend anyone sane (not those over-zealous tumblr social justice warriors) if you don’t do anything offensive. Treat it with respect- after all, it isn’t your culture, but it is badass. I have no problem with others learning about or enjoying any part of my heritage, as long as they don’t take it over.

You’re obviously good-hearted about this issue, so I would have no beef with you going as my childhood girl crush (damn, I’ve liked girls for a long time heh) if you’re just careful about it.

Have a good time :)